Dynamic Fields

The ability to insert dynamic fields gives powerful flexibility to your Questions, Pages, Forms, Email Templates and Vouchers.

We recommend you use them as much as possible to keep rework needed from Event to Event to an absolute minimum. The fields are linked to the information in your central database. Using fields you can easily personalise your communication with your registrants.

In addition specific sets of dynamic fields can be useful to provide different conditional messages in the Complete page of a form. The message shown depends on the registrant's payment state. See Task to add dynamic fields to a Complete page.

Even though you access the Insert Fields functionality via the HTML edit box you do not need to know code in HTML to use them. You can also enter text as normal and simply use the Insert Field buttons to add dynamic fields as needed.

An example of text using inserted fields:

Your input in the email template

Resulting text in email

Dear #salutation# #last_name_prefix# #last_name#
Thank you for your interest in #event_name#.

Dear Mr Smith

Thank you for your interest in the Catering Trade Fair 2013.

Figure 9-1 buttons for inserting dynamic fields